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October 2021 Special Meeting Minutes


October 2021 Special Meeting Minutes

Village of Wolverine

5714 West Main Street

Wolverine Village Council

Special Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2021


Call to Order: President Ochs called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm


Purpose of Meeting: To discuss Fiscal Year 2022 Budget and Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG) proposal to work with and develop Village of Wolverine Master Plan.


Roll Call: Rhonda Ford, Laurie Holden, Rick Johnston, Ralph Ochs, Dennis Holden, Ann Ford, Susan Beitel


Meeting Minutes: A proposal from NEMCOG to prepare a Master Plan for the Village of Wolverine was submitted to council for consideration and approval. President Ochs reviewed the plan out loud and pointed out several key elements NEMCOG proposes.


  • NEMCOG will prepare notices as required by PA 33 of 2008 and affidavit of mailing
  • NEMCOG will transmit them to each adjacent community, public utility company, and all necessary entities required by law.
  • NEMCOG will conduct one online survey to gather public input on the Master Plan
  • NEMCO will prepare draft chapters of the Master Plan, transmit to the Planning Commission, and discuss the draft chapters at the meeting
  • NEMCOG will assist the village in setting up the legally required public hearing on the Master Plan including preparation of legal notices


Project Costs:


            Master Plan                                                                 $7,300

            Public Outreach – Web Survey                                     $730

            4 Meetings                                                                    $770

            Expenses (mileage, printing, postage & material)         $700

                        Project Total                                                  $9,500


A motion to support approval of the project and authorize President Ralph Ochs to sign the contract was made by Dennis Holden, with support by Rick Johnston. Roll call vote: Rhonda Ford: Yes; Dennis Holden: Yes; Rick Johnston: Yes; Ralph Ochs: Yes; Ann Ford: Yes. Motion carried.


President Ralph Ochs updated council on the South Straits Hwy project, the anticipated end date, and the savings the village was able to regain due to a change in the contract permitting a detour.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.


Susan Beitel                                                                Ralph Ochs 

Village Clerk                                                               Village President

Download 11/03/2021 - Meeting Minutes In PDF Format