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October 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes


October 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes

Village of Wolverine

5714 West Main Street

Wolverine Village Council

Regular Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2021


Call to Order: President Ralph Ochs called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Roll Call: Tansy Sloan, Rick Johnston, Ralph Ochs, Ann Ford, Sue Beitel

Absent: Dennis Holden, Kris Holden, Laurie Holden

Guests:  None

Adopt/Amend Agenda: Motion to adopt agenda by Rick Johnston, support by Tansy Sloan, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Clerk Minutes:  Motion to adopt September minutes by Tansy Sloan, support by Ann Ford, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Treasurer Report:  Motion to adopt September report by Tansy Sloan, support by Rick Johnston, roll call vote, all yes.

Financial Report:  Motion to adopt September report by Rick Johnston, support by Ann Ford, verbal vote unanimous.

Payment of Bills: Motion to adopt by Tansy Sloan, support by Rick Johnston, roll call vote all yes.




Presidents Report: 

  • President Ochs reported that the rough plumbing is complete on the shower expansion project at the campground. The project is on schedule and expected to be completed on time.
  • A request was submitted to NEMCOG to assist with the village master plan and at the time of the meeting a response was not yet received.
  • The pursuit of broadband internet for the Wolverine area continues to move forward. Talks with County commissioners on how best to get that accomplished are ongoing.
  • The village was notified that all three bridges are to be inspected this year, Ralph expects no issues with the inspection.
  • Figures show that the estimated State MDOT PA 51 revenue is expected to be $89,546 for next fiscal year.

Fire Board:  None

Community Center:  None

Rink:  None

Parks & Recs:  None

Zoning:  None

Development & Advisory Committee:  None

Old Business:

  • The grant application for covid funds has been approved by the state and the village is looking at receiving more than twenty-four thousand dollars in restricted funds.
  • Cheboygan county has covid funds available for those who have a need for water and septic funds. Talks are underway as to what is available and the conditions for the village to receive a portion of those funds.
  • In a letter from AMAC, a request for a permit to drill in designated areas in the downtown area located around Cedar Street and South Straits Hwy for soil and water samples for purposes of testing for contaminates was received, reviewed, and approved.


New Business:

  • The new contract from Cheboygan County for the winter plowing shows a sizeable increase from the previous year. President Ochs stated he will follow-up on this matter for an explanation of the increases and report back at the next meeting.
  • The annual CVTRS report is due at the end of November and President Ochs anticipates no issues in filing this report on time.
  • The three bridges located within the villages are due for inspection this year as required by MDOT, and the village expects to pass these inspections with no issues.
  • Ann Ford noted in the meeting that she observed several residence of the village over the summer making substantial improvements to their properties/homes; investing in their future and the future of Wolverine and its growth and positive effect it has long term.
  • Council discussed different options that could be done to promote business growth in the village area and Wolverine in general. One option that will be pursued is to design an ad for the Website that will let businesses know what the community has to offer.


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Ann Ford, support by Rick Johnston at 8:25 pm.


Susan Beitel                                                                Ralph Ochs

Village Clerk                                                               Village President

Download 11/03/2021 - Meeting Minutes In PDF Format