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September 2021 Meeting Minutes


September 2021 Meeting Minutes

Village of Wolverine

5714 West Main Street

Wolverine Village Council

Regular Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2021


Call to Order: President Ochs called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Roll Call: Ronda Ford, Tansy Sloan, Treasurer Laurie Holden, Rick Johnston, President Ralph Ochs, Ann Ford, Dennis Holden, Clerk Susan Beitel

Absent: Kris Holden

Guests:  Cheboygan County Circuit Court Judge Aaron Gauthier, Brianna Riethmeier, Harringtons, Brian O’Connor, Skippy.

Adopt/Amend Agenda: Motion by Rick Johnston, support by Tansy Sloan, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Clerk Minutes:  Motion by Ann Ford, support by Rick Johnston, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Treasurer Report:  Motion by Tansy Sloan, support by Rhonda Ford, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Financial Report:  Motion by Dennis Holden, support by Ann Ford, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Payment of Bills:  Motion by Dennis Holden, support by Rick Johnston, rollcall vote 6 ayes 0 nays, motion carried.




Presidents Report: Presented verbally and on file.

Fire Board:  None

Community Center:  None

Rink:  None

Parks & Recs:  None

Zoning:  None

Development & Advisory Committee:  None


Old business:

  • South Straits Hwy project is scheduled to start Oct. 11 and expected to last approximately 8 to 10 days with traffic being re-routed around Shire Rd to the west of the village.


  • On a motion by Dennis Holden, supported by Tansy Sloan the Harrington daycare proposal for a special use permit was voted on by council: Rhonda Ford, yes; Tansy Sloan, yes; Rick Johnston, yes; Ralph Ochs, yes; Dennis Holden, yes; Ann Ford, No. A special use permit was approved and granted for a daycare facility provided all state and county requirements are fulfilled by applicants.
  • The village continues to actively seek options for funding and service providers for broadband expansion within the village and surrounding areas, working with Sunrise communications and Cheboygan County toward a solution that will benefit everyone involved.
  • It was reported that the group ABATE’s camp event over the weekend of 9/11 drew quite a crowd and created a challenge for the campground facilities. However, the village was able to accommodate most of the visitors without incident. It was discussed that the ABATE event has grown to such an extent that the village will have to evaluate whether it will be able to host ABATE in the future if they continue to have such large numbers.


New Business:


  • Cheboygan County Circuit Court Judge Aaron Gauthier attended the meeting to inform the village of updates regarding the policies and procedures currently in place at the courthouse regarding hearings and Covid restrictions. Currently restrictions have been lifted and almost all hearings are being held in person again. Judge Gauthier informed council and guests about the access that was initiated because of Covid for online trials and the creation of a YouTube channel to watch trials and other informative videos. The feedback from this setup has been positive and they intend to keep posting videos to the channel.
  • Brian O’Connor addressed concerns regarding the rate of speed of traffic coming into town, northbound, and inquired about an electronic speed control sign, suggesting this may help to deter those violating posted speed limits and was willing to donate funds to help cover the cost of such a sign. The idea of improved speed limit postings north and south of town were well received by council. 


Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn by Rick Johnston, support by Tansy Sloan


Susan Beitel                                                                Ralph Ochs




Village Clerk                                                               Village President

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