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August 9, 2021 Meeting Minutes


August 9, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Village of Wolverine

5714 West Main Street

Wolverine Village Council

Regular Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2021



Call to Order: President Ochs called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Roll Call: A. Ford, T. Sloan, R. Johnston, President R. Ochs, R. Ford, Clerk S. Beitel

Absent: Treasurer L. Holden, K. Holden, D. Holden

Guests: Wendy Young, Brian O’Connor, Owners from Wolverine Camp

Adopt/Amend Agenda: Motion by R. Ford, support by R. Johnston, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Clerk Minutes:  Motion by R. Johnston, support by T. Sloan, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Treasurer Report:  Motion by R. Ford, support by A. Ford, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Financial Report:  Motion by A. Ford, support by R. Johnston, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Payment of Bills:  Motion by A. Ford, support by R. Ford, roll call vote unanimous, motion carried.




Presidents Report:  Presented verbally; on file; regarding the Hwy 27 project south of the village. Bids are being received and President Ochs is in contact with the respective companies to work out the details of those bids to satisfy the requirements of the contract the village has with the state of Michigan.

President Ochs also reported that the annual PA51 report due by end of August has been completed and filed and the annual financial report is in process and expected to be filed before the due date of August 31st.

Fire Board:  None

Community Center:  None

Rink:  None

Parks & Recs:  None

Zoning:  A letter was delivered to each neighbor, as required, within 300 ft of the requested approval of a proposed daycare facility located at 5926 Ballard Street. Council will follow-up on the matter with a decision at the September meeting.

Development & Advisory Committee:  None

Old Business:

  • Brian O’Connor expressed concern that several people were not able to gain access to the websites meeting minutes full pdf file. That has now been corrected as of this posting. He also suggested the website could be utilized more to keep the community connected to what is happening in and around the village, something council agreed with.
  • Several people expressed concerns with the rapid success of the parks camping season and suggestions were made regarding permit fees, oversight of campers/grounds, and firewood distribution. All comments and opinions were heard and taken under advisement by council. 
  • President Ochs reported that the park project of three additional showers and five or more additional campsites is in progress and moving forward as expected.

New Business:  


  • Brian O’Connor requested that the Councils monthly meeting times be posted on the main page of the website where it can be easily seen. President Ochs and council agreed it was a good idea and would initiate that update.
  • Deb Ogden sent a letter to President Ochs regarding the conditions surrounding the playground equipment at the roadside park. President Ochs explained at the meeting that he did in fact have sand on order to address those very issues. As of this posting the sand has been delivered and placed alleviating the majority of the concerns in the letter.
  • Council held a verbal vote, and all agreed to respond to the festival committee, in a letter, regarding their written requests from July. Council agreed to make available to the festival committee all Lumberman Park areas, except those campground RV sites to the North of site post 11 and rough camping sites 1 through 4.
  • Council briefly talked about the funding and expansion of broadband in the area and what options will be available to the village. Several options were discussed, and it was decided to further investigate what providers AT&T, Sunrise, and others would be willing to propose for service and costs to the area in the immediate and long term future.


Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn by T. Sloan, support by R. Johnston, adjourned at 8:55 pm.


Susan Beitel                                                                Ralph Ochs


Village Clerk                                                               Village President

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