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Wolverine Village Council

Regular Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2021


Call to Order: President Ochs called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Roll Call: T. Sloan, Treasurer L. Holden, R. Johnston, President R. Ochs, D. Holden, Clerk S. Beitel

Absent: R. Ford, K. Holden, A. Ford

Guests:  Wendy & Mark Young, Walter & Randi Harrington, Melisa & Ian Bertram, Ed Santangelo, Richard Anderson

Adopt/Amend Agenda: Motion by D. Holden, support by T. Sloan, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Clerk Minutes:  Motion by R. Johnston, support by T. Sloan, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Treasurer Report:  Motion by T. Sloan, support by D. Holden, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Financial Report:  Motion by R. Johnston, support by D. Holden, verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Payment of Bills:  Motion by D. Holden, support by T. Sloan, roll call vote unanimous, motion carried.




Presidents Report:  Presented verbally; on file

Fire Board:  None

Community Center:  None

Rink:  None

Parks & Recs:  None

Zoning:  None

Development & Advisory Committee:  None


Old business

The July 24th township clean-up day was successful despite the rain challenges we experienced most of the day. Thank you to everyone who pitched in and helped.


New Business:  

  • Representative Ed Santangelo along with Ian and Melisa Bertram presented council with data and the idea that Wolverine could be a viable location for considering a Tranquility Fields cannabis franchise in the future.
  • Walter and Randi Harrington addressed the council with an interest in opening a licensed daycare operation from their home. After some conversation about what would be required (i.e., permits) and to what capacity the couple was looking to fill, the topic was tabled until the couple decided on some final details as to capacity, operating hours, etc.
  • Wendy and Mark Young, members of the Wolverine Festival Committee, addressed council regarding the letter sent out July 2, 2021, requesting exclusive use of the park for their event August 13 & 14, 2022. Council asked for clarification on a few items in the letter and at the meeting and requested time to review and discuss the request before providing a response by or before the August meeting as requested in the festival committee’s letter.
  • President Ochs presented council with a request to expand the shower units at the Lumberman’s Park campground with funds from the park project. After a short discussion D. Holden made a motion to approve the project with support from R. Johnston. A verbal vote was unanimous, and the motion was carried.

Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn by R. Johnston, support by T. Sloan, adjourned at 9:09 pm.


Susan Beitel                                                                  Ralph Ochs 

Village Clerk                                                                Village President


Download 08/14/2021 - Meeting Minutes In PDF Format