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Village of Wolverine

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Wolverine Village Council

Regular Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2021


Call to Order: President Ochs called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Roll Call: T. Sloan, R. Ford, R. Johnston, President R. Ochs, Clerk S. Beitel, A. Ford

Absent: Treasurer L. Holden, D. Holden, K. Holden 

Guests:  Village residents Brian O’Connor; Dennis Micoff


Old business:

Finalized questions/concerns regarding Ordinance: Article 20 and approved. Finalized all arrangements for spring cleanup day May 22nd at South Park as posted in the flyer. Continued discussion of development of Master Plan for Village and setup a committee consisting of President Ralph Ochs, Clerk Susan Beitel, Council member Tansy Sloan, Treasurer Laurie Holden, Council Members Rhonda Ford and Rick Johnston as alternates. Motion to approve by Ann Ford, Supported by Tansy Sloan, verbal vote unanimous. Approved.

New Business:

Brian O’Connor brought up concerns with street lights not functioning properly located near Trowbridge road and lack of updates to the village website regarding the local ordinance and posting of meeting minutes. The council recognized there were issues and committed to try to reconciling those issues by the next meeting. With final approval of the ordinance a motion was made to hire Dennis Micoff as the village ordinance enforcement officer at a rate of $50 per hour and to provide appropriate uniform shirts, identification, and other necessary equipment (as needed) to carry out duties required by the council. Dennis will be required to report all contact and correspondence to the council at each monthly meeting. Dennis was present to accept conditions. Motion to approve by Rick Johnston, support by Tansy Sloan, verbal vote, unanimous.  

Adopt/Amend Agenda: Motion by R. Ford with support from R. Johnston to adopt agenda as amended. Verbal vote unanimous, motion carried.

Clerk Minutes:  Motion by Rick Johnston with support from Tansy Sloan to approve April 26, 2021 meeting minutes. Verbal vote: unanimous. Motion carried. 

Treasurer Report:  Motion by Tansy Sloan support by Rhonda Ford to approve treasurer report. Verbal vote: unanimous. Motion carried.

Financial Report:  General Fund balance $143,771.89.Major Street Fund Balance $60,325.23. Local Street Fund Balance $52,661.11. Total balance 256,758.23. The village holds $30,000 in certificates of deposit at Citizens National Bank Indian River. Total fund balance: $286,758.23. Motion by A. Ford support by R. Johnston, motion carried.

Payment of Bills:  Motion to pay bills by Rhonda Ford support by Tansy Sloan. Roll call vote: Five ayes. Motion carried.



Presidents Report:  There were some needed repairs done on the brush hog and is now operational. The part-time employees continue to patch areas in streets needed from frost damage. A new electric box was installed on pump-up system. Two new clean-outs were installed on sewer system as well as some damaged section of pipe replaced, so that system is fully functional again.

Fire Board:  None

Community Center:  None

Rink:  None

Parks & Recs:  None

Zoning:  None

Development & Advisory Committee:  None

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned by President Ralph Ochs at 9pm. 


Susan Beitel                                                                Ralph Ochs

Village Clerk                                                               Village President




Download 07/05/2021 - Meeting Minutes In PDF Format